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Automotive Car Mat
Automotive Car Mat
MATEK car mat
MATEK car mat

For the current stage, MATEK is focusing on OBM development, the markets are specific for the hypermarket chains of the USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

There are two different plastic materials of MATEK car mat, Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and MATEK has been producing stylish car mats including flat, single-colored, two-colored and 3D shaped styles. In the past, there was only universal type of car mat in the market, but nowadays MATEK manufactures customized car mats to absolutely fit the specification of exact cars. Therefore, the interior becomes cozier and even keeps genuine floor mats origin and clean.

Furthermore, MATEK car mat has lots of advantages such as the characteristics of solid, durable, wear resisting, flame resistant and waterproof, etc. Especially, just pat it out of the car then wash when the mat is stuck because of too much mud, it can definitely be used again. However, it saves money and wastes in consideration of economic benefits and environmental protection.

We provide various services with regard to car mats and related vehicle accessories under mark MATEK: 

+ Sales promotion of brands sell and the expert marketing consultation for clients.

+ We have many partners of export and import agencies located at USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Welcome to contact us for more detail.

+ Provides custom manufacturing solutions to clients.

+ Business administration services of providing advice on planning a solid sales promotion campaign and getting the best sales figures on internet.